Future Plans

InFuse is evolving. Find out more about the availability and plans for 2011 Census aggregate data.


We maintain a list of issues with InFuse, these consist of things we would like to change. Please contact us if you think of anything in InFuse that could be improved.

Section Details Notes Status
Output File Insert topic combination titles (rather than just the code) in Data file Done Closed
Topics Insert bullet points in combination items to increase visual seperation Done Closed
Topics Confusion over the term Units This has been changed to "Information about" Closed
Topics The Next button is redundent on Step 1 We would like to remove this - but for technical reasons we are unable to do so at the moment Open
General When using Internet Explorer 6, the filter column doesn’t appear Changes made to the CSS, so InFuse now looks better (although not perfect) when using IE6, IE6 was introduced in 2001, so we would recommend that people update their browsers Closed
Topics Reduce pagination options, ie 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 etc takes up too much room We've reduced to a maximum of 3 Closed
Download Data file created link - instead of this appearing can it just open up  the file This is something we would like to do - in the mean time we have made the link bigger and more obvious Open
Categories Age groupings, when a combination comes from different tables the categories become intertwined, (e.g. 16 to 19, 16 to 24, 20 to 24). Making it difficult for people who want to select a complete range of bands We would like to do this, but it's a time consuming job Open





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