The map shows location names stored in our catalogue. Select a country, zoom in and the field expands to show data collections that feature from country down to region, city, town and even village data. These link through to the relevant Discover catalogue records. Some datasets appear more than once if they cover more than one area.

Many of our datasets have catalogue records that do not name a specific location, have multiple locations, or have locations that are ambiguous (e.g. Scottish or Australian 'Perth'). As this map can only show you some of our collection, don't stop searching here; try our Discover tool where you can filter searches by country or spatial unit. We'll be developing the map and its functionality as we go so please visit the map again and contact us with questions or ideas to enhance it.

The map is a beta version based on our OAI dataset, which you can find here.

We would like to invite you to help us enhance and develop the map. Please feel free to download and use the OAI dataset to develop your own map or suggest enhancements.

Please send your ideas and enhancements to


2016-09-27 Colours softened so that map labels are easier to read.
Leaflet-hash capability added (customised map view based on URL).
Loading indicator added to show status of map tiles.

2016-10-03 zoomToBoundsOnClick enabled for markercluster.
singleMarkerMode enabled for markercluster.
Home icon in navigation bar changed to globe and code updated.
Number of studies for Gibraltar and Falkland Islands corrected.
Marker position for Falkland Islands updated so no points fall in sea.

2016-10-04 Number of studies for Washington, USA corrected.

2016-11-23 All locations updated.