There are 4 steps to InFuse.

First of all you need to select the census (currently 2011 and 2001).

For the 2011 Census you have the option to select Topics or Geography first


  • All available topic combinations appear in the grid on the screen (if you have already chosen your geography in the previous step, only topic combinations available for all of your chosen geographies will be displayed
  • Narrow down the topic combinations by using the Filters column on the left hand side of the screen (you can tick multiple items)
  • The Filters column consists of:
    • Topics: these are all of the individual topics that appear in the census
    • Information about: this is the unit of measurement (e.g. most combinations consist of the number of people or the number of households)
  • When you have chosen your topic combination click Select
  • You will then see a definition of the components of the topic combination


  • Use the + and – buttons to expand and collapse the topics.
  • Tick categories within each topic, and click Add.


Choose the areas for which you want data. You have the flexibility of selecting all areas within an area type, for example all Local Authorities within the County of Devon. Some geography types containing large numbers of areas can be chosen, but not expanded to avoid displaying huge lists. Individual areas for these geography types can be displayed by expanding within higher level geography types (Counties, for example). There are differences between the geography tree depending on whether you choose Topic or Geography first

  • Expand and collapse the areas
  • Tick boxes to choose areas or area types.
  • When finished, click Add button to confirm area selections.


  • This step provides you with a summary of what you have selected
  • The File name reference is displayed, this can be changed
  • Click Get the Data
  • Now an orange box will appear called Download your data, click this to get the data

Output File

The output comes in a Zip file format, and will be named with a date stamp followed by the file reference (e.g.:

The zip file consists of three files:

  • Citation File in rtf format
  • Data file in csv format. This contains the data
  • Meta file: This file will give you the definitions for the components of your topic combination



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